Nothing makes a wedding that much more personal than someone’s name written beautifully on their spot, waiting for their arrival. Plus, someone’s got to know where everyone is sitting right?

Price: Start at 1.25$ per card

Here is the skinny on how these lovelies work. The $1.25 is the price for the lettering itself and itself alone. Client or responsible party will be invoiced for all materials such as paper, silk ribbon, agate slices, marble tiles, wood, glass, rocks (seriously this list can go on) etc. I can/will order all material listed at the best wholesale price with excellent quality. Items that are added to paper card such as wax seals, ribbon, twine, vellum overlay will be an additional 25¢ per card. Client is also invoiced for all shipping costs.

As are most of the services, this is a basic price range and will help you get an idea of how much to budget. Never hesitate to bounce ideas or email for a quote.
Please allow 2-3 weeks per 100 count and be sure to stop by the FAQ page to find out when you should have all your names into me!