SHOW STOPPER. Hand lettered envelopes. That’s really all you need to know.

Price: Outer Envelop $2.25
Price: Inner Envelope $1.50

Don’t know the difference? Outer envelope is just what it sounds like, it includes the first and last names of the addressee and the mailing address. Inner envelope hold the invite and just have the first names, inner envelope in placed inside the outer envelope. It’s kind of like envelope inception.

The cost per envelope covers the lettering only. Client is responsible for the envelopes cost and shipping. At the time of booking, I require a 50% deposit to ensure that you are on the books! I can/will order all material listed at the best wholesale price with excellent quality. The price also does not cover any vintage postage stamps.

I will also need an Excel or Word Document of all the names and addresses including inner or outer information. If there is an add-on or take-off, please just send me those and not the entire list. Not sure how things work? Email me and we can walk through it!

Please allow 3-4 months BEFORE wedding date! Because 6-8 week you got to get these babies in the mail!