That’s right, you can have a single suite made for your wedding day for your photographer to shoot AT YOUR WEDDING. It’s a thing.

Just like a style shoot, you can curate a very special, one-off wedding invitation suite to be made just for your wedding day. It doesn't have to match what you mailed off to your guests, it can be totally different! Your photographer can whisk it away and take some awesome flat lay shots to add to your detail images for your wedding album.

This is a great option for the couple who wants to have anything handmade which includes, hand lettered (not printed!), hand painted, handmade deckled cotton paper, hand dyed silk ribbon, special acrylic invites and extra special envelopes with vintage stamps. Literally, any style shoot that you see could be YOUR special invite for your wedding day! How cool is that??

Price: $150.00

Please allow 3-4 weeks to complete